The political Council of the “For life” Rabinovich encouraged to nominate a single presidential candidate from opposition

На политсовете «За життя» Рабиновича рекомендовали выдвинуть единым кандидатом в президенты от оппозиции

The political Council of the party “For life” encouraged to nominate a single candidate for the elections of the President of Ukraine from the opposition people’s Deputy of Ukraine and the party leader Vadim Rabinovich.

This is stated in the message published on the website of the “For life”.

After signing the agreement on creation of a unified “Opposition platform For life” held a meeting of the political Council of the party “For life”, which adopted the decision to recommend Vadim Rabinovich as the single presidential candidate from the United opposition. According to the participants, the decision was taken unanimously.

Vadim Rabinovich, commenting on the decision, said: it is a great confidence from his fellow party members, as well as a large personal responsibility.

“I sincerely thank the comrades in the party and members of the political Council of the “For life” for the recommendation for the nomination. I really am convinced that the single candidate from the opposition, which is focused on the hearing of the voters of the South-East and centre of the country, is a must. Only he can defeat this government, to bring to the world and stop the Orgy of lawlessness, the economic genocide of the people. That is why we initiated the process of unification and created the “platform of the Opposition For life” … I also Want to stress that the final decision on the nomination of a single opposition candidate in the presidential elections will make the party Congress “For life”, which will be held in the near future”, – stated the politician.

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