The plight of boxer: former opponent Klitschko because chronic pain is thinking about amputation of legs

Тяжелая судьба боксера: бывший оппонент Кличко из-за хронической боли задумался об ампутации ног

American professional ex-boxer Chris Byrd, who has previously called the Klitschko brothers among the greatest heavyweights in Boxing history, began to experience serious health problems.

He is constantly compelled to smoke marijuana to not feel the pain. Also the athlete thinks about amputation of legs, reports Boxing News.

“I am officially considered disabled. My limbs are on fire. Marijuana helps me stay functional, otherwise I would have gone crazy. So bad that I think about amputation of legs. It will save me from pain,” says boxer.

In addition, the athlete argues that his colleagues on the ring, which was engaged in Boxing, also have health problems and have to be treated. For example, Lamon Brewster lost an eye due to Boxing.

“Boxing is a sport that affect the brain. Every time you get in the ring, your brain hits against the skull. Boxers do for a living that they are beaten on the head,” said Byrd.

According to Chris Byrd after suffering almost all of Boxing. Here it is not only about injuries but also about the fact that athletes are hard to find a job because most do not have proper education.

He also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder for a long time he was forced to take medication that adversely affected his mental state. “I live near the ocean and one day came and wanted to jump in and drown. I didn’t want to live, these pills made me go mad”, – said the boxer.

Meanwhile, earlier Ukrainian, dalakan in the ring did not spare his Dominican opponent.