The physician advised him how to get back to a normal diet after the holidays

Медик посоветовал, как вернуться к нормальному рациону после праздников

Many new year’s feast has a negative impact not only on the shape but also on health, and to return to eating after them is quite difficult.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said dietician Lyudmila Babich.

After a heavy festive meals go to split meals is extremely difficult – the body is accustomed to the constant digestion of food, and not getting the right amount of calories, the brain begins to “rebel”, constantly sending signals to your stomach that it is time to eat. “To endure,” such a condition is extremely difficult, because it is necessary to provide the body constant satiety, but not at the expense of mayonnaise salads, washed-meat delicacies, grilled meat and other things, but due to the light and wholesome food.

“It should gradually reduce the amount of servings. In this case you need to replace fatty and high-calorie foods too for more easy and useful. It is not necessary to eat for Breakfast many different dishes, quickly enough you will help grain cereals and bread bran, which goes perfectly with a slice of cheese,” says L. Babich.

If the person is over the holidays ate a lot of sweet and starchy foods, his body will certainly require a large amount of glucose. “Cheat” cravings for chocolates and pastries, cakes, etc. will help sweet fruits – bananas, grapes, strawberries. They will provide the necessary nutrition the brain and hunger to erode.

“Eat better, just fractionally every 3-4 hours, but very little. The so-called fractional power well so that you do not overload the stomach and internal organs involved in the digestion of foods, the stomach wall is not stretched, and Vice versa – are beginning to return to normal. While you are constantly well fed and full of energy,” said the doctor.