The people of Taiwan were scared brilliant UFO in the sky (VIDEO)

Жители Тайваня были напуганы блестящим НЛО в небе (ВИДЕО)

The people of Taiwan was informed of an unusually bright UFO that was seen among the clouds.

This writes the Vista news.

It is reported that on 25 November 2018, above the capital of Taiwan the city of Taipei in the Wenshan district flying unidentified flying object. According to eyewitnesses, who gave the UFO videos, UFO was small, but stood out a bright glow.

Most people said that was scared of the alien, “guest”, who has been hiding in the clouds.

It is worth Recalling that the last time a UFO over Taiwan noticed only in July of this year. then the local ufologist was able to photograph the unidentified object directly from the window of his apartment.

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