The people of Georgia on the legal level allowed to indulge in weed

Жителям Грузии на законодательном уровне разрешили баловаться травкой

The Georgian Parliament in the third and final reading adopted the draft law on marijuana use.

About it reports “Georgia Online”.

As noted, the use of marijuana is allowed only within the personal space (i.e. home — if users live in this place and the place of residence at the same time is not the actual place of realisation of enterprise activity).

At the same time, to use marijuana in public places, public transport, educational institutions and adjacent territories is prohibited — violators face a fine ranging from 800 to 2 thousand gel.

The adopted law prohibits using marijuana to persons under 21 years of age. The crime is in the category of administrative offenses and punishable by fines from 500 to 1.5 thousand lari.

Workplace marijuana use also can not be — violators will be fined from 1 thousand to 1,5 thousand lari.

The act also establishes the increase of penalties for the promotion or advertising of marijuana. Individuals face a fine from 5 thousand to 10 thousands of gel legal entities — from 10 to 20 thousand gel thousand gel.

For inducing the use of narcotic substances, their analogues, new psychoactive substances, psychotropic substances or their analogues of two or more persons or persons under 21 years of age subject to criminal punishment ranging from 6 to 10 years. A criminal offense will be driving a vehicle in a condition of narcotic intoxication (2 to 10 years).

Earlier in the greenhouse from a resident of Kherson region found 35 bushes of hemp.

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