The party of “Reasonable force” put forward by Alexander Solovyov, a candidate for President of Ukraine

Партия «Разумная сила» выдвинула Александра Соловьева кандидатом в президенты Украины

Today, 24 January, a Congress of the party “Reasonable force”, which proposed the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Chairman Oleksandr Solovyov.

About it the correspondent of ГолосUA.

Alexander Soloviev in his speech at the Congress drew attention to the crisis in Ukraine and the objectives of the party “Reasonable force”.

“Nationalist rhetoric, aggression to its own people, language discrimination, schism, persecution of dissidents and the usurpation of power – all this makes our country divided and weak. Citizens do not understand who is right and who is wrong and how to correct this situation. People have need of protection, care, respect and decent income. The country is plunged into chaos and the current government is trying to present it as reform, victories and achievements. All 2018 was accompanied by major provocations against opposition forces. But we survived and ready for the election campaign. We have no other choice but to save our power for themselves. We’re going to win and take power into their own hands,” – said Alexander Soloviev.

The party of “Reasonable force” with the objective of national scale – participation and victory in presidential and parliamentary campaigns. Current tasks of the party – information voters and control the electoral process at all sites to withstand the election fraud. The party goes on elections with the program “the World. Order. Abundance”.

Documents on registration of the candidate “Reasonable force” will be served at the beginning of next week.