The Parliament of Moldova did not support the inclusion of European integration to the country’s Constitution – news ZIK.UA

Парламент Молдови не підтримав включення євроінтеграції до Конституції країни – новини ZIK.UA

Deputies of the Parliament of Moldova at the meeting of 18 October did not support the initiative of the Democratic party to include the policy of European integration in the Constitution of the country.

It is reported Newsmaker.

In the first and second reading of the draft voted only 54 deputies, and to change the Constitution you need at least 67 votes.

“This country had a chance, but I think this thing next generation” – said the speaker.

During the voting in the second reading the deputies from the Liberal and liberal Democrat parties in protest left the hall.

“We understand the liberals refused European integration. Voters who voted for them, need to remember this day,” said Andrian CANDU.

Also in the vote was attended by representatives of the party of socialists and the party of Communists, who called the proposal unconstitutional.

Last week the amendments to the Constitution introduced, but after lengthy discussions, the vote decided to postpone for this week.

Then the speaker expressed regret that the political interests and the disappointment of the opposition, in the face of the liberal Democrats and the socialists, prevent the approval of important for Moldova strategies. Did not support the draft and liberals with Communists.

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