The painting by Leonardo da Vinci found the end of the world (PHOTO)

На картине Леонардо да Винчи нашли дату конца света (ФОТО)

It found a specialist in the study of the history of the Vatican Sabrina Sforza Galicia.

It is reported Prowse.

The researcher analyzed the symbols and signs on canvas “the last supper”. Sforza Galicia drew attention to the particular symbolism of the paintings – the 24 letters of the Latin alphabet, used to represent 24 hours of the day.

There is an emphasis of the author on the figure 3 – 3 Windows, 3 groups of apostles, and so on. With the help of Zodiac signs and she figured out the date of the end of the world – March 21, 4006.

This day will start the flood, which runs until 1 November of the same year. According to the forecast, then humanity will perish.