The only chance for peace is smartly and Medvedchuk -]

Единственный шанс на мир - это Бойко и Медведчук, - Свободин

Journalist and blogger Vitaly], analyzing the results of sociological research of Institute of a name of Yaremenko and the centre “Social monitoring”, comes to the conclusion that the best chance to stop the war in the Donbas is the candidate from “Opposition platform” Yuriy Boyko.

“According to the survey conducted by the Ukrainian Institute for social research named after Alexander Yaremenko and the Center “Social monitoring” from 16 to 22 December 2018, among those who have already decided for Tymoshenko ready to vote at 18.6%, for V. Zelensky — 15%, Boyko and 11.8%, Gritsenko — 11.2% and for P. Poroshenko — 10,7%, for O. Lyashko — 8,3%,” lists the journalist.

“Maybe the second round will be unsinkable Julia and efficient young comedian Zelensky. If we talk about the opposition, it is the only one who has a chance is smartly led by Medvedchuk”, – concludes the journalist.

“If judged from the point of view of who is behind the presidential candidates in the second round, we held a group support Tymoshenko in the face of Kolomoisky and the small number of oligarchs seeking to become a major or Medvedchuk. As you can see, neither the candidate Bank in the face Murewa, no candidate Akhmetov, Vilkul has no chance on the second round,” concludes].

The] doubt about the high ranking Zelensky, he believes that Yuriy Boyko is a more probable contender for the second round of presidential elections.

“Given the fact that the ratings Zelensky still stranded (and personally, I can hardly imagine that 15% of the population ready to vote for an image from a movie), he is a real contender for second place. In any case, Boyko is the only opposition who has serious prospects for the second round. The more his approval rating, polls show Yaremenko Institute and the “Social monitoring”, in comparison with the survey continues to increase – 11, 1 % at the beginning of December and already 11, 8% in the middle of the month” – draws the attention of the journalist and the blogger.

According to Slobodina, President Boyko will be able to solve the problem of Donbass, because his team is Viktor Medvedchuk – the only one who can stop the war in the South-East.

“Can the President Boyko to negotiate on the Donbass? His colleague Medvedchuk is the only one who can stop the war in the South-East, with him ready to agree in the DNI-LNR, in the Kremlin and the West. And we are talking about the reintegration of the uncontrolled territories in a peaceful way”, – says the journalist.

According to Slobodina, the revival of the economy – a more challenging task too effectively it destroyed the current team “effective management.” But clearly, he argues that in a peaceful country it will be easier to solve the problem of the revival of the economy.

“And when Medvedchuk will establish economic ties with Russia, it will be possible to eliminate the scheme “Czech intermediaries” and to agree on reducing gas prices, that really help to reduce the prices of fuel and reduce marauding communal tariffs. In foreign policy, most likely it will be the multi-vector, as under Kuchma,” predicts the journalist.