The oncologist told us about the seven major symptoms of cancer

 Онколог рассказал о семи основных симптомах рака

Scientist the London Oncology centre Macmillan Chris Steele named seven main symptoms, the presence of which should immediately appeal to the oncologist.

Alarming signs can be sudden changes in bowel or bladder, inexplicable bleeding, thickening in the breast or elsewhere, difficulty swallowing, change the color or size of moles, a nagging cough with hoarseness and a long unhealed wound, RIA Novosti reported.

Steele stressed that these symptoms may not be associated with cancer, but was advised to get checked as they are detected.

“You don’t waste of doctor’s time wasted by checking your symptoms,” – said the expert.

British physician recalled that four out of ten cases of cancer can be prevented with early diagnosis.