The oldest man on the planet has died in Japan aged 113 years

Старейший мужчина на планете скончался в Японии в возрасте 113 лет

A resident of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Masazo Nonaka, who was previously recognized as the oldest man on Earth, died at the age of 113 years.

It is reported Kyodo.

Otmechaetsya that the Japanese died at his home in the village of ashoro.

Masajo, Nonaka was born in 1905. In recent years he lived together with his grandchildren at the foot of mount Meakan in the North of Hokkaido. His descendants run a small hotel at the hot springs Nonaka Onsen in the area.

It is noteworthy that in the ranking of the most elderly Nonaka took about 30. All positions front of him belong to women.

Earlier in Lviv died one of the leaders of OUN(b) Omeljan Koval.