The nurse demonstrated that Smoking does to your lungs

Медсестра наглядно показала, что делает курение с вашими легкими

Of course, smokers know that their habit may seriously damage your health, but try not to think about it. This is a vivid counter-advertising and Smoking, confident in the lifter and the Power of positivity. The terrible effects Smoking can cause to quit Smoking many people, especially if they see it with their own eyes.

How Smoking harms your health.

First of all, cigarette Smoking affects the immune system, making a person more susceptible to viruses and colds. It can lead to more serious and deadly diseases such as emphysema, pneumonia and lung cancer. Smoking provokes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Smoking narrows the Airways and destroys the lung tissue that makes breathing difficult. People with COPD with loads suffer from shortness of breath, chronic cough and frequent respiratory infections.

Smoking cancer occurs in the mucosa of the mouth and/or throat. Smoking causes more than 93% of oropharyngeal cancer (cancer of the throat).

Smoking every day can lead to inflammation in the lungs, which makes breathing difficult and limits air passage. In the lungs there are tiny air sacs or alveoli, which help with oxygen exchange. Smoking destroys these air sacs, and they don’t grow, so when you smoke, you put your lungs permanent damage.

Smokers often suffer from colds, because Smoking paralyzes and even kills cilia, the tiny hairs in your respiratory tract. These hairs clear mucus and dirt so your lungs stay healthy. If not, the contaminants are deposited freely in the lungs.

Smokers have higher risk of mortality than non-smokers. According to the BMJ, men and women from Norway who smoked 1-4 cigarettes a day had a significantly higher risk of death from coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

Now we will show you how will look your lungs after Smoking every day for 20 years.

Amanda eller, a nurse from North Carolina, decided to upload videos to Facebook, illustrating how the lungs of smokers and non-smokers after 20 years.

In the first video, she inhales air into the lungs of the smoker, to illustrate what is happening to them from Smoking. Then she breathes air into the lungs of non-smokers. You can easily distinguish healthy from diseased lungs.

As you can see, the lungs of smokers dilate very poorly, in contrast to the lungs of non-smokers.

Despite the obvious dangers of Smoking, many people still smoke because of stress or habit. During Smoking the body gets more than 5,000 different chemicals, including tar and nicotine.

Therefore it is better to relieve stress with yoga or sports, and these methods will help you to do this without harm to health.