The number of views of the clip Ariana Grande exceeded one million (VIDEO)

Количество просмотров клипа Арианы Гранде перевалило за миллион (ВИДЕО)

American singer Ariana Grande released a video thank u, next. The movie broke records for overcoming the marks in 5, 10, 25 and 50 million views on YouTube. First million video attracted just 35 minutes.

The Tape is

Representatives of the hosting jokingly said that “the video is so good it broke the Internet (or, at least, caused difficulties with posting comments on YouTube)”.

During the day, the video received 64 million views, took the leading position of the trends in YouTube more than 100 countries, including Russia. Liked videos 5 million users of video sharing, number of comments has exceeded 400 thousand and continues to grow rapidly.

Video refers to the American romantic comedies mean girls, Bring it on, “13 going on 30” and “legally Blonde”, with a number of repeat scenes video footage from the original films.

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