The number of victims from hurricane Michael in the US has risen to 34

Число жертв от урагана «Майкл» в США возросло до 34

In the United States due to the effects of the devastating hurricane “Michael” 34 people were killed, rescuers continue searching for missing people.

It is reported Today.

Most people died in Florida – where the death toll was 24 people, six in Virginia, three in North Carolina, one in Georgia. According to rescuers with sick thousands of people were lost contact, the search continues. It is not excluded that among them there are dead.

We will remind, hurricane “Michael” has reached southern coast USA on Wednesday. At that time he was rated the fourth category out of five on the Saffir-Simpson scale, then the hurricane began to weaken. “Michael” brought powerful winds and heavy rains, leading to floods and damage in several regions in the South-East of the country.

In addition, the hurricane made dead at home for at least 240 000 Americans.

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