The number of Moldovans working in Russia fell by 40% over the past five years

 Число граждан Молдовы, работающих в России, сократилось на 40% за последние пять лет

The number of employed in Russia for citizens of Moldova for five years have dropped by 40%. According to the official data of the Russian presidential Academy of national economy, at the end of December 2018 th registered was 357 thousand migrants from our country.

It is almost 230 thousand less than in 2014 when, according to statistics, in Russia there were more than 586 thousand Moldovan migrant workers.

Despite the reduction in the number of migrants decreased and the flow of remittances in Russian rubles. So, according to the national Bank, the volume of transfers from Russia of the total number of remittances in 2013 amounted to almost 65% and in the 2017th – less 34-ex.

What remains of the city and region, which attracts migrant workers, including from Moldova. On the first lines of the rating of Moscow and the Moscow region. Followed by Saint Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. The top five Krasnodar Krai.