The notary about the theft of property through the electronic state register: we can not allow this work of uneducated people

Нотариус о краже имущества через электронные госреестры: нельзя допускать к этой работе необразованных людей

In 2018 continue to occur cases of illegal re-registration of private property to others. This is a consequence of decisions taken in 2016, when entered into force the law on registration ownership rights to immovable property.

This was on the anti-raider forum “Business against the destruction of the state,” said first Vice-President of the Notary chamber of Ukraine Olga Onischuk, private notary of Kyiv city notary district, the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“In 2016, came into effect the act authorizing the state Registrar, and the Ministry of justice opened access to electronic databases with information about owners, but not designated people who are responsible for the documents that fall to the registrars. If we again assume the system of state registration of uneducated people, it would be a disaster. This work began to prevent people with a legal education. We cannot allow the Registrar of property rights working people who do not have profound legal knowledge and experience. In order to become a notary must pass rigorous exams to the state Registrar exam this complexity is not carried out”, – she said.

O. Onischuk added that the greatest number of raids executed illegally by entering new data in an electronic state registers. 90% of these cases are recorded using an electronic access key utilities of the state Registrar.

“The greatest amount of evil recorded in the offices of the registrars, and these branches operate only on the basis of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is a by-law, not the law. In Ukraine officially there is no such profession as “state Registrar,” – said the notary.

She also explained that the system of registration of property rights in Ukraine began to collapse in 2004, when ownership was considered valid after notarization of documents, and after making the relevant data into the electronic state register.

“Since 2004, Ukraine has changed the procedure of registration of ownership: a legal fact occurred not after notarization of documents, and after entering data into the state electronic registers”, – said A. Onischuk.

We will remind as it was reported in July 2018, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine, in 2014 the number of raider attacks in Ukraine is growing every year. It is reported Opendatabot with reference to the statistics of the General Prosecutor, reports “Economic truth”.

As noted, in 2013 in Ukraine was 1690 RAID. 539 – for the last year and a half. “In 2014 the number of raids is increasing every year. The greatest number took place in 2017 – 414. The least amount of raider attacks was registered in 2014 – a total of 234 cases”, – stated in the message.

According to GPU, it often happens that hostile takeovers take place in Kiev and Kiev region. Over the past 5 years there it was 397 attacks. In second place – Dnepropetrovsk (133) and Lviv (104) region.

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