The nomination of Symonenko in the presidential recall of the left idea in Ukraine – analyst

Выдвижение Симоненко в президенты напомнит о левой идее в Украине – политолог

The nomination of Petro Symonenko in the presidential important because it can remind on the left the idea and implement a request for it in Ukraine.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“Trying Symonenko to go to the electoral political campaign is good in terms of a reminder that the request for left-wing political forces in Ukraine is, and that the constitutional court must finally give a decision on the so-called dekommunizatsionnye law. In my opinion, this law is unconstitutional in the context of what it prohibits and the idea and the name. If you look at the neighboring country, which hosted dekommunizatsionnye processes, then there is to ban names not reached”, – said Alexey Yakubina.

The expert also outlined the situation with leftist ideas and parties that exist in Ukraine.

“In many ways, in Ukraine, left-wing forces generalizirovanny thanks to the unconstitutional law on decommunization. In fact, we were in a situation where there is a vacuum for left-wing political forces represented in the public field. That is, they are presented either in the margins or a piece of leftist ideas discussed by other mainstreme parties. Despite the fact that the request for left-wing ideas there. It shows sociology. The country is very high request to social justice and social solidarity. In European countries, our neighbors, who even joined the European Union, there is successful left-wing parties. Speaking in the European integration key, you may recall that in Poland the EU accession was largely due to the leftist political forces, not nationalists and right who have come to the end,” concluded the analyst.