The new rules of “registration” will leave the Ukrainians without a penny: “come home and be forced to pay”

Новые правила «прописки» оставят украинцев без гроша: «придут домой и заставят платить»

Office of the reform of administrative services in the Ministry of economic development and trade plans to start massive checks of the facts of residence of citizens in places of their registration, according to the Politek.

This measure is envisaged in the draft law “On freedom of movement and free choice of residence in Ukraine”, which was developed by the officials.

The document proposes to allow the registration of mass checks of citizens. It is assumed that the data on place of residence or of removal from registration in the place of residence will be made in a Single information system.

Citizens over 14 years old want to commit for 30 days in person or via the Internet to apply for registration of their place of residence. Also his place of stay shall inform the registration authority for the Ukrainians, who are subject to conscription for military service or take part in the trial.

Новые правила «прописки» оставят украинцев без гроша: «придут домой и заставят платить»

The test period will not exceed 30 days. Authorized representatives of the authorities in the course of the audit will have the right to examine the premises to determine the presence of signs of living was in him a citizen.

In particular, reviewers can interview neighbors, check clothing, hygiene products and other evidence of residence.

If testing shows that a citizen does not reside at the place of registration, it will involve in administrative responsibility. In particular, the Ukrainians will be fined in the amount from 20 to 50 untaxed minimum incomes of citizens (from 340 to 850 UAH).

It is expected that a unified information system will be operational from 1 July 2019. Citizens who are not registered by place of residence, will be free to do so until 31 March 2021.