The network won a unique white fawn (PHOTO)

Сеть покорил уникальный белоснежный олененок (ФОТО)

Norwegian photographer Mads Norsvin made amazing shots of the white reindeer, who approached him.

This is reported by the media.

Little deer was so white that almost merged with snow cover. The photographer missed the moment and took a few shots of this unique animal.

Сеть покорил уникальный белоснежный олененок (ФОТО)

White deer look like from a genetic mutation that destroys any pigment wool. Despite this, the animal’s eyes and horns have a dark color and therefore it cannot be considered an albino.

Recall that the surveillance camera installed in the office of Century 21 Judge Fite in the us city of McKinney (Texas), captured the moment of the miraculous salvation of one of the workers of the institution, at the time he left his seat near the window.

Wild deer, breaking glass, rushed into the room, just as soon as the employee got up from his Desk.

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