The network is wondering why Melania Trump was “scared” by Vladimir Putin

The network is wondering why Melania Trump was "scared" by Vladimir Putin
The network is wondering why Melania Trump was “scared” by Vladimir Putin

Fashion critics have already discussed the outfits of Melania Trump during her European tour, and political journalists have already managed to draw their first conclusions after the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, held in Helsinki on July 16. Now physiognomists have joined the discussions. The network drew attention to a sharp change in the expression of Melania’s face after the handshake of the Russian president.

Being fond of it, the first lady of the USA was smiling. But as soon as Vladimir Putin let go of Melania’s hand, letting her stand in a row to make a joint photo, Mrs. Trump’s face froze for a couple of seconds in a worried and frightened grimace.

What Melania was thinking about at that moment, one can only guess. Perhaps, I remembered the confusing story of poisoning with the substance “Novice”, or maybe just thought about etiquette.

In the comments, many rushed to regret the first lady.

Poor Melania! It looks like she lives in a nightmare!

You see evil, you speak evil, you hear evil!

But the secret of a strange expression can be quite simple and not at all relevant to the political relations between the two countries. The solution lies in the past of Melania – namely in her work as a model.

All models relax their face in this way before filming. This is a reflex. They do this so that there will not be mimic folds on their face,

– One of the attentive commentators enlightened the perplexing users of the network about the intricacies of the model business.

So it seems that it is too early to accuse Melanie of being too sensitive. She just wanted to look irresistible on a common photo.

However, this was not the only misunderstanding that arose within the framework of the summit. The occasion for searching for hidden meanings was given by Donald Trump himself. The US president confused all his statements about the alleged interference of Russia in the American elections. The phrase was built in such a way that one could think that Russian President Donald Trump trusted more than the conclusions of his special services. To clarify the situation, Trump even had to write down a special appeal, where he said he fully supports the CIA. But it was too late: the American media, and simple Internet users the second day amused over the politician …

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