The network has published a video of the fall of Zhirinovsky – news ZIK.UA

The incident occurred during the inauguration party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky Sipyagin, who last month won the election for Governor of the Vladimir region. LDPR leader onto the stage for a welcome speech, stumbled and fell.

Videos from the event, held October 8, leaked – uanova.

У мережі опублікували відеозапис падіння Жириновського – новини ZIK.UA

It shows one of the most notorious Russian politicians Vladimir Zhirinovsky has hit the stairs, climbing to the stage, and fell to his knees. The photographer of the event rushed to Zhirinovsky to help him up, the Trouble did not bother Zhirinovsky and did not stop to say congratulatory speech to the party.

In this incident overreacted users of social networks – who is a joke, and somebody caustic comment.

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