The Network has made fun of the ridiculous position Theresa may at a meeting with Prince William (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

В Сети высмеяли нелепую позу Терезы Мэй на встрече с принцем Уильямом (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

British Prime Minister long been known for its clumsiness and strange demeanor at meetings with Royal personages.

About it reports “TSN”.

During the solemn events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the battle of Amiens, may sat down so that her head drew level with the waist of Prince William.

Some netizens have compared the Prime Minister with a giraffe and a dinosaur, while others – praised for a good stretch.

A similar behavior for Mei repeatedly noticed before. However, some users are wondering why presler Minister no one has still not said how ridiculous she looks.

Also, earlier it was reported that London is the trial of the man who planned the attack on Mei. Supporting the “Islamic state” Naimur Zachary Rahman planned to cut off the head of Theresa may and to undermine Downing street in Central London.


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