The naval forces of Ukraine opened fire in the Black sea

ВМСУ открыли огонь в Черном море

The naval forces of Ukraine and security Service of Ukraine with the support of the border service stopped an attempt to Maritime smuggling. The naval forces of Ukraine reported about it in Facebook.

In the final hours of 2018 in the territorial waters of Ukraine was discovered the ship under the flag of Tanzania, which was suspected of transporting illegal cargo.

“In accordance with the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine, as well as UN Conventions on the law of the sea and the suppression of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances with the purpose of finding the vessel and further monitoring of his actions by order of the command center of the naval forces of Ukraine in the sea went missile boat “Pryluky”, – reported the Ukrainian Navy.

After the detection of the intruder with the help of technical equipment and failure to communicate, the missile boat “Pryluky” began his persecution. However, the ship refused to stop.

ВМСУ открыли огонь в Черном море

ВМСУ открыли огонь в Черном море

“For the purpose of coercion to cease and desist rocket boat “Priluki” opened precautionary fire from artillery in the course of the vessel, which was stopped and wakanohana to the port of Odessa”, – says the message.

The ship was stopped by artillery boats “Ackerman” and “Berdyansk”.