The national team of Ukraine’s water Polo will play today in the match of the World League against Spain – news ZIK.UA

Збірна України з водного поло сьогодні зіграє в матчі Світової ліги проти Іспанії – новини ZIK.UA

Today, November 13, the national team of Ukraine’s water Polo will play its second match in the men’s World League season 2018/2019. In the second round match of the second round of the competition, the tournament debutants in the home match will take the exam one of the top water Polo – national team of Spain.

Play at a water Playground pool SK “Polytech” NTU–KHPI Kharkiv will start at 21:00 Kyiv time. Judge game – Lademann (Germany) and Rakovich (Serbia). The delegate of FINA – Perisic (Serbia), reports

Recall your first time in the history of the water Polo match of the World League the national team of Ukraine played the 23rd of October this year in the away match against the national team of the Netherlands. Play at a water Playground pool Zwembad De Krommerijn in Utrecht ended with the victory of the home team with a score of 15:5. If we analyze this match as a whole, it can be divided into two parts – before the break and after it. In the first two periods the game was almost equal. The beginning was pretty nervous from both sides, but first calm down the owners. As a result, the Polo players of the Country of tulips in the first quarter was marked by two accurate shots, leaving the gate “dry”.

Two goals the goalkeeper of “Dynamo” Konstantin Nikolsky, who in this game defended gate of the national team by the start of the match, missed and in the second period. However, when our team is now not only protected, but also effectively operated in the front line and three times for the second segment of the meeting brought the case before scoring Elke Wagenaar. In particular, Dynamo’s Yuri Mamtu double-throw touch in the implemented numerical majority of “blue-yellow”, and between the goals of our veteran his autograph at the gate of the Dutch left and its partner club Vladimir Voitenko. Therefore, at the equator of the game on the scoreboard burned numbers 4:3 in favor of the national team of the Netherlands and didn’t say anything about what awaits our team in the future.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians had exactly half of the match. In the third and fourth quarters at the site was what is called one team is the home team. However, a goal in each period, after the break our guys scored – above mentioned Yuri Mamtu scored a “hat trick”, and another goal was scored by Kharkiv Denis Gusakov. But this is nothing compared to the fact that the attack did the Dutch, who have scored in the third and fourth quarters five and six goals respectively. In the end, a painful defeat for the Ukrainians – 5:15.

Why did this happen? The answer is obvious: our waterports not enough functionally that is happened is what deep down everyone was afraid of, but I didn’t talk. Probably a little mistake and the coaches with a decision to replace the frame Konstantin Nikolsky, which is generally well played match, the team captain Vitaly Petrov. As they say, a bet on the experience of the past has not worked…

Now the national team of Ukraine will be even more serious rival. After all, when the Netherlands is such a strong middle peasants of the world water Polo, Spain – a team from a cohort of giants. Of course, hope for a positive result Savon p.m. Valery and Alexander Evtushka in today’s game is absolute utopia. Because water Polo is not football, here to fight and defend the conventional “0:0” is practically impossible. But I hope that through dedication, team discipline and a certain amount of luck will be for our guys to play more or less decent and at least not to lose with a crushing final score. There is hope and that positive role will be played by home support – how know how in Kharkov to support your local water Polo fans, is well known throughout Ukraine.

We will add that in comparison with the match against the Netherlands, in the Ukrainian national team for the game against the Spaniards, the coaches only made one change: instead of the defender of Lviv team LUFC to the camp of “blue-yellow” has invited his partner at the club Igor Kechedji. I have hope that this time the coaching staff made the right decision and the debut in the national team for a young player to be successful.

Recall that together with teams from Ukraine, Spain and the Netherlands in group “b” played by the national team of Greece is also one of the strongest not only on the continent but in the world. In the first round group stage “blue-yellow” with the Greeks will play in Athens on 11th December. And already the matches of the second round will take place in 2019.

Збірна України з водного поло сьогодні зіграє в матчі Світової ліги проти Іспанії – новини ZIK.UA

To your attention the national team of Ukraine on today’s match:

goalkeepers – Vitaly Petrov (team of the Kharkiv region), Konstantin Nikolsky (“Dynamo” Lviv);

defenders – Yury Mamtu (Dynamo Kiev), Alexander Abramov, Alexander Ermakov (both from the team of Kharkiv), Igor Kjedi (LUFK Lviv);

moving forwards Maxime Rachkov, Alexander dyadyura, Vladislav Babanco (all three – “Dynamo” Lviv), Nikita Apostol, Denis Gusakov (both team of the Kharkiv region);

posts – Vladimir Voitenko (Dynamo Kiev), Orestes Jura (LUFK Lviv);

coaches – Valery Savon, Alexander evtushok.

Збірна України з водного поло сьогодні зіграє в матчі Світової ліги проти Іспанії – новини ZIK.UA



Group A: Hungary, Russia, Germany, Malta

Group B: Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine

Group “C”: Italy, France, Montenegro

Group “D”: Serbia, Croatia, Romania


Group “A”. Hungary – Germany– 17:9 (3:1, 5:2, 4:2, 5:4)

Group “A”. Malta – Russia– 5:18 (1:2, 2:5, 2:3, 0:8)

Group “B”. The Netherlands – Ukraine– 15:5 (2:0, 2:3, 5:1, 6:1)

Group “B”. Spain – Greece– 5:7 (1:4, 1:2, 1:1, 2:0)

Group “C”. Montenegro – Italy– 8:8 (2:3, 0:1, 4:2, 2:2), penalty – 3:0

Group “D”. Croatia – Romania– 17:4 (4:1, 5:1, 2:0, 6:2)


18:00. Group “D”. Romania – Serbia

20:00. Group “A”. Russia – Hungary

20:00. Group “B”. Greece – Netherlands

21:00. Group “B”. Ukraine – Spain

21:00. Group “C”. Italy – France

21:30. Group “A”. Germany – Malta

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