The national Bank has submitted a schedule of work of Ukrainian banks for the holidays (CALENDAR)

Нацбанк представил график работы украинских банков на праздники (КАЛЕНДАРЬ)

The national Bank of Ukraine to impose the calendar migration business days for the whole banking sector and the system of electronic payments of the NBU (EPAS).

This is the website of the national Bank.

Нацбанк представил график работы украинских банков на праздники (КАЛЕНДАРЬ)

Until the end of 2018, the financiers will have to work 5 unscheduled days off due to national holidays.

So, on March 9, which falls on Friday, the banks will not work. To work this day, they have in advance – in Saturday, March 3.

Cropped may holidays (closed on 2 may, Parliament abolished at the end of last year) will begin on Tuesday. Because Monday, April 30, the NBU announced the weekends. Instead, bankers will need to go to work may 5 (Saturday).

Friday, June 29, following the Day of the Constitution, the financiers will work on the 23rd. 24 and 31 December (the Monday before Christmas and New Year) on 22 and 29 December, respectively.

The national Bank added that in its sole discretion, the financial institution can serve customers at the tills in plus the weekend, but without the opening of the transaction day of the Bank. While they are responsible for proactively notify people about their schedules.

Don’t forget the regulator to remind the bankers that they have taken care of timely payments of pensions and benefits, as well as loaded the ATMs with cash.

Recall that in Ukraine for the holidays can start the attacks, if they are organized by the government, said the expert on security issues to Sergey shabovta.