The MP got into a drunken accident near Kiev

Нардеп попала в пьяное ДТП под Киевом

The driver of the car couldn’t even talk

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada together with his son got into a terrible accident.

About it the Deputy wrote on his page in Facebook noting that a significant injury they child has not received, reports

The Deputy involved in crash while returning from the funeral of his grandmother.

“Today I buried my grandmother, he returned to Kiev, in the car with my son. From the oncoming lane at our car flew out of the car, which led to collide … all airbags, serious injuries have not received, but the extent of injuries will determine later,” — wrote MP from the “samopomich” faction Iryna sysoyenko.

Нардеп попала в пьяное ДТП под Киевом

She also reported that the driver of the car, because of which accident happened, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and could not even talk.

“I thank God that everything is alive for driving a car drunk should not increase penalties, but to deprive a driver’s license,” — said the MP.

Нардеп попала в пьяное ДТП под Киевом