The most zen as a couple ? The more cop with his children ? The less of a sport ? Kad Merad and Julie Gayet we meet (VIDEO)

Le plus zen en couple ? Le plus flic avec ses enfants ? Le moins sportif ? Kad Merad et Julie Gayet nous répondent (VIDÉO)

They embody a couple to the screen in The son-in-law in my life (this Wednesday, December 19, at the theater), the new film by François Desagnat. Very accomplices, Kad Merad and Julie Gayet form a duo pleasing. Proof of their good understanding, the two of these are delivered with good humor to our questionnaire shifted : the “Guess Who” !

That is the most vanneur on a shoot ? The coolest interview ? The more of a fan of the other ? Julie Gayet and Kad Merad have played the game of our questions shifted to a Guess Who… explosive ! The duo of actors gives the reply in the joyful comedy The son-in-law in my life (at the cinema on Wednesday 19 December), where their beautiful complicity shines through. Very teasing, these two will not miss an opportunity to laugh. When it comes to know which is the most cop with his children, Julie Gayet draws his arrow to his friend : “It’s a dad hen !”. Kad Merad does not deny, his son is everything for him : “I control a little bit (what it does, ed), I want to know !”. Which one is the most zen as a couple ? The two ! Kad Merad is back on his relationship with Julie Gayet : “We are not even in this intimacy there. We know each other, we love each other well and we made a small dinner… But it stops there”. Julie Gayet took the opportunity to slip a compliment to Julia Vignali who shares the life of actor 54-year-old : “He has a gorgeous woman !”.

The question that angry : which of the two is less of a sport ? With humor, they all admit two, having stopped the sport for some time… “it makes Me three-four years !”, entrust Julie Gayet, not very proud of it. “Should I get back”, adds Kad Merad before adding : “I am becoming… It looks like a Kebab there !”. Of course, the more committed of the two is still Julie Gayet : “I support the foundation for women (…) the equal pay between men and women, paternity leave…”. And when it comes to evoke the one that is most nil with social networks, Kad Merad’s no denying that… It is not to the page ! “We went from nothing to this then that the new generation is born with all of it. I find that it has not had the time to be trained and it is for this reason that there are plenty of dumb things that are made”, defends himself Kad Merad.