The most revered woman of US first became black

 Самой почитаемой женщиной США впервые стала чернокожая

Former first lady Michelle Obama became the most revered woman in the country according to the Institute of public opinion Gallup.

She was the first black winner of the title and ousted former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who became the most revered American of most other candidates — 22%, reports Lenta.

In 2018, Clinton came in third in the list, losing another African-American woman, TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, who was in second place 14 times, reports CNN. The fourth position is occupied by the current first lady Melania trump, fifth — Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

To Michelle Obama the most respected American women also became Eleanor Roosevelt (13 times), Margaret Thatcher (6 times), Jacqueline Kennedy (5 times) mother Teresa (4 times), Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Golda Meir (3 times), Betty Ford, Barbara Bush, Mami Eisenhower (2 times), Pat Nixon, Laura Bush, Ethel Kennedy, Elizabeth Kenny (once).

The most revered man in the United States 11 times, was the former head of state Barack Obama. In second place current the leader of Donald trump, the status of the President he made the list for the first time. In third place — the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush, the fourth — Pope Francis, on the fifth — founder of Microsoft bill gates.