The Ministry of veterans Affairs will receive financial assistance from foreign partners

Министерство по делам ветеранов будет получать финансовую помощь от зарубежных партнеров

The newly established Ministry of veterans Affairs will receive financial assistance from partner countries.

About it in interview to TV channel “24” told the head of Department Irina Friz. According to her, the necessary funding will be in 2019, including foreign.

“I have a good relationship with the representative of NATO in Ukraine is a form of communication with the U.S. Embassy, in addition, already sent letters to the Ministers of veterans Affairs in the USA, Canada, Croatia, Australia. Thus, the unified state registry of veterans, which doesn’t exist in Ukraine, and a veteran, which we will do, will be financed by donor funds,” said the official. She stressed that the Ministry is already functioning.

“Yesterday, we received registration in Ministry of justice and is, from my experience, the fastest registration in Ukraine. The main purpose of the community and me personally is to unite all veterans, so we were not divided into public organizations, which is used to cover policy. I think people go against specific decisions, and not against the person. My goal: to provide a good system of the Ministry, which will operate subsequent years,” explained Freese.

Meanwhile, earlier in the Network leaked erotic photo of the newly appointed Minister of veterans Affairs.

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