The Ministry of health is expected to increase mortality from influenza

В Минздраве ожидают рост смертности от гриппа

The Ministry of health of Ukraine does not exclude the growth in the number of deaths because of the flu.

This was announced by head of Department of influenza and SARS Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine Oksana Artemchuk in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

According to her, in the country since the beginning of the epidemic season of influenza or SARS are sick more than 2.8 million people. This was 7% higher than last year. Situation with the incidence of this season worse than the last.

“The thing is that in season 2016-2017 in the circulation was dominated by influenza virus a (H3). The same situation is observed in the current season. Influenza a virus (H3) is a high morbidity and fatal cases unlike the flu which was prevalent last season. Flu almost does not cause epidemics and deaths. Accordingly, the past season was much “softer” than the current season of 2016-2017,” said Artemchuk.

Also, according to her, this season the number of deaths from complications of a lot more.

“Last season, 7 persons died, and this season as the third week of 2019 there were 25 deaths. And that’s only the middle of the season. Unfortunately, the number of deaths could rise,” said Artemchuk.

As reported, in Kiev from-for a flu and ORVI quarantine fully or partially closed 25 schools. Also due to the outbreak of SARS, quarantine has been announced in the schools of Uzhgorod.

It was also reported that from 14 to 20 January in Ukraine, there were six deaths from the flu.