The Ministry of Finance borrowed on the domestic market, a tremendous amount

Минфин одолжил на внутреннем рынке колоссальную сумму

The Finance Ministry planned the auction on placement of bonds of internal state loan on Tuesday, 29 January, attracted to the state budget of 18.3 billion.

This reads the data on the Ministry’s website.

The hryvnia proceeds from the sale of bonds by maturity 91, 154, 161, 280, 364 days with a weighted average yield of 19,48%, 18,98%, 18,96%, 18,5%, 18,47% per annum, respectively.

Amount of accommodation – 3,692 billion UAH 1,975 billion UAH 1,806 billion, 1,339 billion, 0,175 billion.

The Ministry of Finance refused to place securities for 1666 days at 17-18%.

Dollar securities were offered with a maturity of 22 days at 285,6 million dollars at 6.25% per annum, 78 days – 37.6 million dollars at 6.25% per annum, 140 days – 0.49 million dollar by 6.7% per year and 266 days – by 7.03 million dollars at 7.25 per cent per annum.

In Euro t-bills were placed with a maturity of 71 days to 5,633 million Euro under 4,5% per annum.

It should be noted that today the Ministry of Finance should extinguish bonds for about UAH 4.4 bn and 354 million dollars.

In 2018, the Ministry of Finance through the placement of bonds of internal state loan has financed the budget for 65,128 billion, 3,478 billion and 503 million euros.

Overall last year, borrowing amounted 286,4 ml billion UAH, when in 308,3 billion, of which domestic – 174.2 billion UAH

We will remind, the National Bank Council proposes to develop a program of release of bonds of internal state loan for the financing of individual sectors of the economy.