The Minister Reva spent on vacation pension for 10 years: rested and tanned

Министр Рева потратил на отпуск пенсию за 10 лет: отдохнул и загорел

Information on costs of the chief Minister nutritionist of Ukraine has published on Facebook a lawyer and political blogger Michael Schneider. He became aware that on December 8 Andrey Reva returned from a foreign holiday home. According to the observations of the blogger, the Israeli resort went to the Minister for the benefit.

Warm water and the healing sea air has significantly improved the appearance of Andrew Reva. He was much thinner and tanned, resting in the Promised land. “Works wonders,” said Mr. Schneider.

Министр Рева потратил на отпуск пенсию за 10 лет: отдохнул и загорел

However, the cost of all this fun in a fabulous sum. The lawyer States that the Minister has spent on vacation over 170 thousand hryvnias. This fantastic money that the average Ukrainian pensioner hardly gets from the state for ten years. Michael Schneider exposed the spending Minister nutritionist, but may not realize his act. The author noted: official dares so luxuriously to rest exclusively with the “tacit consent” of the people.

Last year Alexander Reva has caused indignation of Ukrainians about the cost of food. The Minister of social development said that prices in Ukraine and Germany almost at the same level. At the same time, Ukrainians consume more food than the Germans.The official explained this phenomenon of different “food culture”. According to him, people from Germany are more modest diet, and therefore save significant funds.