The military situation does not make the society a consolidated MP

Военное положение не делает общество консолидированным – депутат

The military situation does not make the society consolidated, and as the elections in those areas where it is introduced, the government can use the Constitution, which forbids them how you want.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Yevhen Balitsky.

“Martial law will lead to the fact that the society, if I may say so, more relaxed. Because (you know the story) if 10 times to shout “wolf runs”, when he escaped, no one will go to dig trenches. Same thing is happening now. Martial law divided the country on the principle of “who is more supportive of Poroshenko, who less.” People this angry. We have a very large number of claims between enterprises, because the line “force majeure” kills many of the contract”, – said the Deputy.

According to E. Balytsky, that is definitely not adds to the rating of Poroshenko.

“Faster, they would have left because they have all already experienced…In the end, it only corrupts society because it does not make it a consolidated. As for the elections on the territories where martial law was imposed, I believe that they will not be held. The Constitution forbids it. Not limited to, stress, and bans. If they’re going to adopt a law “on making amendments” it will be so stupid… If the Constitution prohibits, they can always cancel… it is Clear that in these conditions it is possible to use the Basic Law “as I want, and I want to”, he said.

Recall elections in local communities of 10 regions of Ukraine, where the martial law, can not spend on time. This was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy.

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