The messenger Telegram want to close media

Мессенджер Telegram хотят закрыть - СМИ

The network was excited about the news that Pavel Durov Telegram closes. However, the fate of the messenger is still uncertain.

Closed company Telegram Messenger LLP, which is owned by Durov, transfers iGate.

According to the official resource of legal entities in the UK, documents on liquidation of the enterprise was signed on December 18, but the wide public it became known only now. In his statement Durov asked to stop the registration of Telegram Messenger LLP and to exclude the company from the register of legal entities in the UK.

Experts are inclined to believe that the Telegram Messenger LLP is closed exclusively under the business restructuring of Pavel Durov. So, its elimination will not impact any business nor on users messenger.

Telegram Messenger LLP was founded in February 2014, 2 other companies, Telegraph Inc. and Dogged Labs Ltd. Both parent companies hold equal shares in the business and both continue to function. Pavel Durov owns a share of more than 75% of the business, which essentially makes it the only and rightful owner. And any reason to get rid of messenger it does not. On the contrary, in recent years the actor has actively supported the project and invested in it. We will note, now in the Telegram was more than 200 million users worldwide. Messenger remains one of the most reliable and safe.

Earlier it was reported that Google will close another messenger.