The medic told how to eat properly before the dive into the hole

Медик рассказал, как правильно питаться накануне погружения в прорубь

A week before the holiday of Epiphany is important to eliminate from the diet of harmful products, alcohol, and eating meals that accelerate blood circulation and saturating the body with vitamins.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the enemy Dmitry bugri.

Before you plunge on Epiphany in an ice hole, experts recommend to pre-start the hardening process, and, ideally, in the warm season. Well, for 5-7 days (preferably a week) to establish a feeding schedule, do not skip meals and eat the “right” natural products.

“On the eve before you plunge in an ice hole, it is important to eat right and eat less bad foods. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited during the entire period, and in the evening before bathing – it is taboo. Otherwise, instead of improvement, the risk of getting hypothermia, kidney problems and other unpleasant ailments.

By the way, codeinecanada drinks will also be reduced. Aromatic Cup of organic coffee in the morning – your maximum. If you are constantly drinking coffee during the day, try to replace it with green tea, with lemon or mint, this drink invigorates not worse, and the taste of it is much softer” – the doctor advises.

Start the morning with natural (not processed, not from the packs that you fill with water) cereals, eat more “light” meat chicken or Turkey, and limit red varieties, add a little more spice in all the dishes (they accelerate the circulation of blood). Do not abuse smoked, salted, fatty and spicy – this dish is “stressing” the body, and you now need that he was full of strength and energy. Thus it is necessary to lean on the red and orange food, mostly fruits and vegetables. They contain substances that promote the production of hemoglobin, improving blood.