The medic gave advice on how to act in case of bruises or injuries

Медик дал советы, как действовать при ушибах и травмах

As soon as the weather worsens, the number of references to trauma is growing rapidly. From injuries in ice no one is immune, but it is important to take all necessary measures and to seek professional help.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told trauma Valentin Brown.

Injuries – a common occurrence when a slippery road. Reaching home, try to reduce the impact of injury to a minimum. To do so, attach to the injury site something cold. After that, do not be amiss to coat the injury site pain ointment and try as little as possible to strain the injured limb. If the leg or arm started swelling – rush to the emergency room.

“In many cases, to avoid severe injuries more than possible, but alas, people were too careless. For example, if the ice is strong, can walk with a stick – this is an additional point of support. For young people this proposal, and for the elderly – a direct recommendation. Choose the shoes are not “beauty”, and its stability, refrain from heels. On a slippery road and forget about the beautiful gait from the hip and go heavy steps on slightly bent legs.

Very important: many people are embarrassed to fall and feel uncomfortable, then a long delay before you see the doctor, even if the pain becomes unbearable. It is important to remember that this can happen with everyone, the most dangerous thing in this situation is procrastination. Because at the first signs of traumatic injuries, pain in bones, joints or muscles, dizziness, nausea and other disturbing symptoms – immediately go to the doctor!”, the expert advises.

If you avoid the fracture failed, follow all recommendations of the doctor and lean on fish and seafood. In this position, very useful even dried fish which you can eat together with the bone – they have a lot of phosphorus, which is necessary for strong bones. In the daily diet should contain also the cheese (in it – you need the calcium) and cheese.

Pamper yourself with jelly, jelly and jelly – staffed displays provide the flexibility of the joints.

Do not forget about vitamin-mineral complexes. But from Solanaceae plants: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants – you need to drop during the recovery phase. These products contribute to acid accumulation in the joints, which will slow down the healing process.