The mayor of Gdansk has died after a shooting at a concert

Мэр Гданська умер после покушения на концерте

Polish media reported the sad news

Polish media reported the sad news.

After nosovich wounds the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich died, reports

It is known that he was operated on immediately after the incident, doctors were able to resuscitate the victim, but, alas, due to the severe wounds and blood loss – the mayor of Gdansk has died.

Мэр Гданська умер после покушения на концерте

We will remind, on the eve of Paul Adamowich – mayor of Gdansk was attacked with a knife and reportedly he raionirovanie.

This was announced by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda on Twitter:

“I got the information that the doctors were able to restore the heartbeat of the mayor of Pavel Adamovich, which was severely damaged, and there is hope, but the condition is still very heavy. Who can I ask to support him, who can pray. That’s all”, — wrote the tune.

At the time of the attack, the killer, apparently, was not far from the mayor right in front of the stage. Adamovich was time to take a photo and post it on a social network for a moment before attacking.

Мэр Гданська умер после покушения на концерте

It is also known that the attacker called his act of revenge for Polish liberals. The offender called the attack on the mayor revenge of the party “Civic platform”.

It is known that hitting that running with a knife, the assailant about 40 seconds walked across the stage with arms raised. Then he introduced himself into the microphone:

“I was in prison, although he was innocent. “Civic platform” tortured me. That’s why Adamovich died”, — quotes the words of the attacker Gazeta Wyborcza.

He was detained by the private security company responsible for security at the concert.

Мэр Гданська умер после покушения на концерте

We will remind, the mayor was hospitalized in serious condition after the attack of an unknown man with a knife during a charity concert.

It happened on Sunday evening, January 13.

On stage during his speech, the mayor ran out of people, who began to shout that during the reign of the previous government was illegally sentenced to prison.

A fight ensued during which the officer was stabbed.

The mayor of Gdansk for a long time revived on the scene, then transported to the hospital. He was operated on.

Later it became known that he had surgery.

The assailant was detained by police. It was them 27-the summer man, earlier sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for robbing banks. Their actions, he explained the revenge for torture in prison.