The mausoleum? Russians are more likely to imagine what will come after Putin

Мавзолей будет? Россияне все чаще представляют, что будет после Путина

Russian scientist, doctor of historical Sciences, researcher, Chatham House Lilia Shevtsova suggested that the question “who is Putin” is now extremely popular, including in Russia.

During a chat in the Editor she suggested that Putin’s successor may be “unpredictable character”.

“Most likely, the one who will be closest to the power resources either will be a compromise figure for those closest to these resources. However, while Putin completely controls his environment. And in his best interests to make the transition to a successor, who has not destroyed his legacy,” said the political analyst.

According to Shevtsova, despite the fact that 61% of Russians consider Putin responsible for the problems in Russia, and 70% of the Russian population want change, an alternative to the current head of the Kremlin Russian citizens do not see.

“But after the departure of Vladimir Putin – political or biological – the new government will try to do what we did with the transit of Russian leaders: to strengthen themselves by laying the blame for everything on the predecessor”, – said the analyst.

Shevtsova believes that the personality cult of Putin in Russia is not and will not, therefore, of special veneration in the future, the Russian leader will not receive.

“I want to assure you that the classic cult of Putin’s personality in Russia today, no. There is such little “cultic”. And that is rather artificial and nurtured on hypocrisy. Putin himself, most likely, realizes that he is the king not “real”. So the new mausoleum will not. Most likely, Putin’s successor will begin to dance on the grave of his predecessor. A tradition of autocratic power”, – summed up the speaker.