The marriage of Pugacheva and Galkin threatened: ex-mistress wrote a book about the affair with the entertainer

Брак Пугачевой и Галкина под угрозой: экс-любовница написала книгу о романе с шоуменом

Former mistress Galkin wrote a book about the affair with the entertainer, claiming that he had been Dating with her and then left with a small child.

About it report “Vesti”.

All sorts of having an affair for the stars of show business has always been the norm. Many fans and groupies are constantly pestering artists, admit they are in love and ready to do anything for intimacy with the idol. However, these relationships sometimes do not go unnoticed, showing the world the illegitimate children of celebrities. It is possible that not bypassed this theme party and Maxim Galkin.

Husband of Alla Pugacheva allegedly had an affair with a fan on the side in the early 2000s in Israel. Over time, however, Maxim, according to the Israeli woman, lost interest in her because of the passion Pugacheva, and in a few years and refused to admit ex-lover and her child. Since then, Galkin tries to avoid women, it is likely fearing that the ex-lover and potential illegitimate daughter from her could ruin his marriage with Diva.

In the words of the emigrant from Russia named Elizabeth, they met with Galkin in 2001, when he was still little-known artist, was born in tel Aviv. A Maxim brought parents and after the concert, stayed in Israel for a week for vacation with the family. On one of the beaches a woman allegedly met a man the future husband of Alla Pugacheva. According to her, Galkin was immediately attracted to her, it was a pleasure meeting and immediately got into conversation with an attractive Russian speaking Israeli. They later, according to Elizabeth, formed a genuine relationship, but how closely, the woman did not elaborate.

However, she said that for a long time they maintained a long-distance relationship, supposedly she was even familiar with the mother of max was nice to her. Later, Elizabeth even wrote a book based on communication with the young comedian Galkin. The main character of her novel, a famous Russian artist Sergei Orlov, who had an affair in Israel with a local resident by the name of Lena. Elizabeth herself admits that the basis of the work was based on real events from their Maxim of relations. Among other things, the book says that the unholy nexus of Lena Orlov had a daughter.

Learn about illegitimate child, the artist decided to break up with his mistress. In fact, Elizabeth also has a daughter that was born exactly at the time when she struck up a very close relationship with Galkin. It is possible that this fragment of the novel were drawn from real life, and the husband of Alla Pugacheva was indeed an illegitimate daughter in Israel. Mystery to this adds the fact that the woman raising her daughter without a father, whose identity he prefers not to disclose. Elizabeth herself admits that most of the book describes the actual events of her life, but still keep the suspense about what it is the truth and what is fiction.

According to Elizabeth, Galkin continued to communicate with her even when closely communicated and had a loving relationship with Alla Pugacheva. They allegedly called, texted, agreed to meet when he was in Moscow. As a result, during the next tour in tel Aviv in the middle of the “zero” Maxim, according to Elizabeth ignored her and was not informed about the meeting. The woman decided to “watch” ex-lover at one of the concerts, prudently taking with him the little daughter and the manuscript is ready, almost biographical books with the romantic name “By the angel flying. Only the wing is touched”.

It turned out that in Israel this time Galkin has arrived not one, and already with Alla Borisovna in the status of his new ladylove. Elizabeth says that when he saw her, max got scared and tried to escape, but she caught up with him and showed the daughter, and also provided a copy of his novel. Later Galkin has declared to journalists that described in the book, the story is fictional, although was forced to admit that for a long time kept in touch with Elizabeth. That the artist made to communicate with the usual fan from Israel, he said.

She also named “ex-lover” Galkin believes that the showman was afraid that Pugachev will not forgive him connection with the fan. Now, when the actor is married to Donna and has two children, Elizabeth and an illegitimate daughter in Israel can destroy the marriage humorist. An adult heir Galkina at any moment could claim kinship with spouse Pugacheva, which will certainly make a rift in the relationship of the star couple.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, the famous singer Alla Pugacheva, who announced his return to the stage with the big solo concert in honor of its 70th anniversary, has pleased fans with a new song.