The man that we liked too (France 3) : back on the incredible case of Agnes Le Roux (VIDEO)

L'homme qu'on aimait trop (France 3) : retour sur l'incroyable affaire Agnès Le Roux (VIDEO)

Worn by Catherine Deneuve, Guillaume Canet and Adèle Haenel, The man that we liked too, this evening on France 3, commented on the disappearance of the missing heiress Agnès Le Roux in 1977. A variety of fascinating… and a legal series of 40 years.

On October 27, 1977, Agnes Le Roux, 29 years old, heir to a famous casino in nice, the Palace of the Mediterranean, takes his car and leaves the city. We do the review more ever and his body will not be found. The case The Roux is part of the great riddles court, which grabbed headlines for forty years. This mysterious disappearance took place in the midst of the war of the casinos on the Côte d’azur, on a background of money, mafia and corruption.

Very quickly, the justice is interested in the lover of the young woman, Jean-Maurice suckling Lamb, a lawyer with the reputation, kind of Rastignac nice, lover of rich heirs, who will find in Renée Le Roux, the queen of casinos on the decline, and mother of Agnes, a formidable opponent, ready to do anything for the alleged murderer of her daughter will be found.

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In The man they loved too directed by André Téchiné, it is interpreted by the imperial Catherine Deneuve, alongside Guillaume Canet in the role of Maurice suckling Lamb and Adèle Haenel in that of Agnes Le Roux. The director, who had already adapted a variety of in the daughter of The RER in 2009, has carried out numerous research projects in order to build his scenario with Cédric Anger, without arriving at any certainty on the guilt of Lamb. It is also, he says, “power of doubt” that fascinated in the case of The Roux … “What interested me was the relationship between these three characters and how they evolve to lead to a trial thirty years after the fact.”

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In fact, there was not one, but three trial. The family of Agnes Le Roux complaint four months after the disappearance of the young woman, after the lawyer has transferred one million swiss francs to the bank account of Agnes Le Roux on his personal account. He becomes the suspect Number 1 in the murder of the heir. At the end of the first trial in 1985, he obtained a non-place, due to lack of evidence. A second trial took place in 1999, after the second wife of the Lamb has been found to have provided a false alibi to the suspect, the night of the disappearance of Agnes. It results in a new acquittal in 2006. The prosecution appealed and the defendant was ultimately sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in 2007.

But the epic court does not stop there. In 2013, the european Court of human rights is seized and condemned France, saying that the guilt was not sufficiently established. The Court of cassation ordered a third trial, and Jean-Maurice Lamb, is released : which results in a third trial in 2014. New development spectacular : William Lamb, the son of Maurice, made a statement to spontaneous justice, where he declares that his father has confessed to the murder. At the end of the trial, Lamb was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. The next day, he appealed to the supreme court. The appeal is dismissed in 2015 and sign the end of a legal series that lasted almost forty years !