“The main Santa in the country”, Putin has angered Russians with the history of “crystal boy”

''Главный Санта страны'': Путин разозлил россиян историей с ''хрустальным мальчиком''

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in New year’s eve decided to boast to the whole country, arranging the tea party and helicopter ride with the “crystal boy” Artem Usov Plynovym, writes Columnist.

A child with an incurable disease wrote in a letter that he wants to fly in a presidential helicopter above the city, announced in Facebook Russian journalist Anna kachkaeva. Putin, according to her, immediately rushed to show the Russians the new year’s miracles.

“Removed all the laws of dramaturgy and new year clips expensive brands. Multiple cameras, in different locations, with podsjeca little hero from the channels. The main Santa country invited Artem with his brother in Constantine Palace, drink tea, and presented gifts for the whole family”, – the journalist writes.

Then the President took the wheel and drove the guest to his craft, but he remained on the ground as was late to the Council for culture.

“Crystal,” the boy with some height I looked to the Northern capital. The ending wonderful story – caring President Artem. Interested in impressions,” he continued kachkaeva.

It is noted that the camera simultaneously filmed the caller of Putin’s Cabinet and has already reached home the boy (mother’s younger brother in the hands in the background). Screen raspolovinit, edited successively the questions and answers. “Awesome!”, – said the President Artyom.

“This here is a Christmas Pastorale from the main Santa in the country”, – summed up kachkaeva.