The losers in the elections in Congo, the candidate decided that he is the legitimate President

Проигравший на выборах в Конго кандидат решил, что он легитимный президент

The constitutional court of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, January 20, rejected the appeal of opposition politician Martin Paulo on the results of the presidential elections.

This writes the Correspondent.

In response to this decision Paulo declared itself “the only legitimate President” and called on the Congolese to take to the streets to protest against his opponent.

As stated in the statement of the court, Faulu did not provide evidence that the election results are not true. The court also rejected the petition for a recount.

Earlier, the CEC of the country unexpectedly announced the winner of the other opposition candidate tshisekedi, following his Felix, son of the late Etienne tshisekedi, following his, who for many years headed the DRC’s largest opposition party, the Union for democracy and social progress.

The election result raised questions both in the Congo and in the international community. A number of international media reported on the informal ballot data, according to gotorym Paulo actually won the elections held on 30 December 2018. The influential Catholic Church supported the claim that the winner was not tshisekedi, following his, and the African Union have called for postponement of the announcement of the final results.

Meanwhile, 600 inhabitants of the Congo were infected with Ebola.