The list of my desires (C8) : Pressure, public, title role… Mathilde Seigner speaks out (VIDEO)

La liste de mes envies (C8) : Pression, public, rôle titre... Mathilde Seigner se confie (VIDEO)

This Tuesday evening at 21h on C8, Mathilde Seigner find the top of the poster in The list of my desires. Has the release of the film, Tv and Entertainment had met the actress who confided his expectations… and his apprehension.

The smile is frank, the handshake muscled. “I have the time to smoke a cigarette ?” we asked Mathilde Seigner. Barely had our equipment installed that here it is already back, ready to answer our questions. The actress was kind enough to grant us an interview on the occasion of the release of The list of my desires, adaptation by Didier Le Pêcheur ‘s best-selling novel by Grégoire Delacourt. A movie in which she holds the primary role, something that was not finish in the past eight years with Dance with him. “This film has a flavor and a pressure special” confides Mathilde Seigner.” Is it that I always have my audience ? When not wearing a film, you never really know why things work or not. Here, it is the unknown.

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“Subscribed” to the role of “Ms. All-the-world” as it had said to him one day, Claude Lelouch, Mathilde Seigner embodies this time, the character of Jocelyne, a small mercière in the North of France, married, two children, and enjoys his modest life. Also, the day when she wins 18 million euros in the lottery, fear attacks him. And if the money cancelled the simple happiness that she cherishes so much ? For fear that this does not change the look of her loved ones against her, She will hide her precious loot, and start a list of his desires. “There are actresses who are in front of their role, we never forget that they are actresses. To me, it sometimes forgets that I’m Mathilde Seigner.” This is also the case with The list of my desires, where the actress delivers a partition always impeccable, both tender and moving. It is for this that we love Matilda, not ?

The List of my desires is to see this Tuesday evening at 21h on Canal+.