The lions will host the fencing tournament for the prizes Yana Shemyakina – news ZIK.UA

Львів прийматиме фехтувальний турнір на призи Яни Шемякіної – новини ZIK.UA

Next weekend, on 13 and 14 October, in Lviv, on the Universal sports complex “SKIF” of the Lviv state University of physical culture (vul. Writer, 17) will be a ranking tournament on fencing “the First Steps” on prizes of the Olympic champion of London-2012 Yana Shemyakina.

The tournament, which is held under the auspices of office of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine in Lviv region, will bring together more than 300 young Musketeers from all regions of Ukraine, and also guests from Slovakia, according

According to the organizer of the competition, associate Professor of the Department of fencing, Boxing and national single combats RGUFK, honored coach of Ukraine Zoriana Semerak, tournament prizes Yana Shemyakina will be held for the third time, however, the first time he will be ranked and will be part of the nationwide little League fencing.

Will be determined the winners and prize-winners of competitions on fencing on swords among girls and boys in three age groups, 2005/2006, 2007/2008 and 2009/2010 years of birth. Only on piste CSS “SKIF” will be released more than three hundred young Musketeers. Note that the participants of the tournament “First steps” in the older age group, 2005/2006 year of birth, pentultimate for adult weapons, and two younger categories, children’s.

And Saturday and Sunday competition starts at 10:00. The opening of the tournament on Saturday at 13:00. Entrance for spectators is free. So we invite all fans of one of the most romantic sports to come on a weekend for USB SKIF and see interesting duels on fencing with swords and support the young Musketeers.

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