The largest share in the consumer basket for calculating inflation is meat and meat products – gosstat

Наибольшую долю в потребительской корзине для расчета инфляции занимают мясо и мясопродукты - Госстат

The state statistics service published the weighting structure for the calculation of the consumer price index in 2017, which is valid in 2019.

It is reported by the state statistics Committee.

According to the statistical Agency, food products occupy almost half (43.2 per cent) in the basket to calculate inflation.

Among all products and services in the basket has the largest share of the category “meat and meat products” at 10.4%. Also significant is the position of “bread and bakery products” 7.9% and “milk, cheese and eggs” at 6.1%.

The fat is in the category “animal fats” and in the basket to calculate inflation amounted to 0.9%.

Recall, food and non alcoholic beverages held only 44.5% of cash household expenditure in the third quarter of 2018. According to the survey of the state statistics service, the average on food per household of 2.11 people spend 3332,29 UAH per month.

Earlier it was reported that consumer prices in Ukraine in January 2019 compared to December 2018 increased by 1.0%. According to the State statistics service, in annual terms (by January 2018) price in Ukraine grew by 9.2%.