The lack in the diet of pure mineral water has a negative effect on appearance – the expert

Нехватка в рационе чистой минеральной воды негативно сказывается на внешности - эксперт

Dehydration affects the appearance of the skin. Therefore experts advise to drink at least 2 liters of fluids are best – pure non-carbonated water.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the cosmetician Tatyana Fast.

“It’s also important to do regular exfoliation. This will give the skin a more fresh and well-groomed appearance. The skin accumulates a large number of dead particles of the epidermis, and removing them you “open the way” new, containing moisture. After peeling, the skin better absorb all useful components of cosmetic means, because the effect of application of the cream will be more pronounced” – said the expert.

Be sure to feed your skin before bedtime, but use a night cream at night – big mistake, which in the morning can affect the appearance.

To use the night cream better early evening after I come home from work and cleanse the skin. Not later than 2 hours before bedtime, advised the specialist.