The Labyrinth – The cure of death (Canal+) : Dylan O’brien looks back on the accident that nearly cost him his life on the set (VIDEO)

Le Labyrinthe - Le remède mortel (Canal+) : Dylan O'Brien revient sur l'accident qui a failli lui coûter la vie sur le tournage (VIDEO)

On the occasion of the broadcast on Canal+ of the Labyrinth : the cure mortal that closes the trilogy as a teenager, the director Wes Ball, and actor Dylan O’brien look back on the terrible accident that almost cost the life of the latter on the shooting.

After the promotion of the Maze 3 in London, Wes Ball, the director and his actors Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie Sangster and Dylan O’brien were in Paris for the premiere of the film in February 2018. Seriously injured during a stunt on the set of the Labyrinth – The Cure deadly in march 2016, Dylan O’brien has returned to his role a year later with a determination that has forced the admiration of his partners and his fans. Hospitalized in a serious condition after being struck by a vehicle during a stunt on the set at Vancouver, the actor revealed on the series Teen Wolf has suffered concussion, multiple fractures, particularly of the face, and lacerations. Looking back on this painful experience, Dylan O’brien says : “The most important thing is that we have finally been able to meet all together on the shooting, which has been halted for a year. It is this that has contributed the most to my healing.” The director Wes Ball admits that this event marked him for life : “Thomas is not only my actor, he is also my friend and I feel responsible for all this, “he said with emotion. This is my tray, and at the end of the day, it is up to me to make accounts. He trusted me to take care of his safety and I let it fall. I would keep the scar from that accident for the rest of my life and I could not see the waterfalls in the same way.

It must be said that this third component is an action thriller dramatically in the course of which Thomas, the hero, played by Dylan O Thomas takes the weapons to introduce in the last city held by the organization Wicked and save his friend Minho. The opportunity to finally understand why Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) has betrayed him. The actress explains : “When we discover Teresa in the first film, we can say that she is strong, she is tough […], but is as lost as Thomas. In the second movie, she is the first to find the memory. She remembers what it was like the world before the maze, she saw the horror triggered by the virus. The third section explores the reasons that drive her to betray him.”

What is astonishing, is to see how much they have all grown up in an accelerated manner because of everything they have been through together and everything they have seen, “emphasizes Dylan O’brien. For him, like the director, the trilogy of the Maze , can be read as a tale of coming-of-age… in the movies, but also in life. “We all grew up together, “says Kaya Scodelario. In five years, we have crossed a package of events : breaks, moves, marriages, babies. We became adults together !” Because of the testing he has crossed, Dylan O Thomas has acquired a maturity and intensity that are reflected in his game. She did grow as an actor and as a man.