The justice Ministry registered the party – a clone of the “Opposition bloc”

В Минюсте зарегистрировали партию – клон «Оппозиционного блока»

In Ukraine there is a clone of the “Opposition bloc” created “Akhmeta” part.

This is reported by “Ukrainian news” with reference to the member of the political Council of the Opposition bloc, lawyer Alexander Puzanov (among the associates Yuriy Boyko put forward by the candidate from “Opposition platform For life”).

As evidenced by the entry in the Unified register of community groups, along with the Opposition bloc, there was a party “Opposition bloc – Party of peace and development.”

The party was registered on 13 June 2014, and its President is the officer Metinvest (Rinat Akhmetov’s company) Vitaly Kisel. Then were was the Industrial party of Ukraine, the Chairman of which was Rostislav Shurma, the General Director of metallurgical plant “Zaporizhstal” (also owned by Akhmetov) and the son of MP from the Opposition bloc Igor Shurma.

The industrial party has become a clone of the Opposition bloc after “ahmetovsky” failed to legitimize the decisions of their Congress, which they tried to imagine how the Congress of the Opposition bloc.

According to Puzanov, the Congress of the group Kolesnikova-Novinskiy-Vilkul was convened on 15 December in contravention of the Charter of the “Opposition bloc”, and 18 December, the District administrative court banned the Ministry of justice to register his decision.

A group of deputies of the faction “Opposition bloc” included in the Union, “the Opposition platform For life” made a statement in which he called the Congress “a raider attack on the party”.

We will remind, on Sunday 23 December 2018, the United residents of four local communities (GRT) in the Kiev region – Baryshevskii, Borodyanskiy, Kovalevskaya (Vasilkovsky district) and the MHP – have had the opportunity to vote for their local deputies and heads of settlements.