The journalist under the guise of a young Stalin won dozens of girls in Tinder

 Журналист под видом молодого Сталина покорил десятки девушек в Tinder

As a result, the German completed some Dating, which was conducted in the Eastern part of Berlin.

German journalist Paul Swann created the Tinder account of Joseph Stalin. He spoke about the experience from the face of the Soviet leader. It is reported by Vice.

The journalist had uploaded to the profile are some photos of the young Dzhugashvili. He also slightly changed the quote of Stalin 1942: “the Experience of history shows that Hitlers come and go, but the German people and the German state remains”. As a result the journalist wrote: “Relationships come and go, but love remains,”reports Life.

The German got over two hundred responses to your questionnaire. Users of the social network considered him “magic”, and some asked to go to chat in WhatsApp. As a result, the journalist over a bad date, which took place in the Eastern part of Berlin. After that, the profile of Stalin blocked the moderators Tinder for the fact that the journalist had published offensive material.