The journalist told about the incident with Poroshenko at the site

Журналист рассказал о неприятном инциденте с Порошенко на полигоне

Journalist Yuri Butusov told how a fake about the “drunken” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“As the illustration shows, movies and here’s a photo of the same event in Novi Petrivtsi April 4, 2015-th year, which hosted a demonstration of new samples of military equipment, which purchased the National guard. There were a lot of journalists, including me. One of the reports shows President stared at the phone as he looks, and then gave a speech pulled low over eyes a cap,” he says.

Also, the journalist leads the video, which is easy to verify that the President was clearly not drunk.

According to Butusova, red face, Poroshenko was for a different reason.

“When the President showed sniper rifle caliber 12.7 mm, which was installed for firing on the machine to make it easy to shoot standing, Poroshenko offered the shot. Around the President were generals of the national guard and the Armed forces, military intelligence, state protection, in General, a lot of people with big titles. The crowd was considerable, and all the generals felt obliged to say something to the President about the characteristics of the rifle – “Barrett” or something of 12.7 mm, and it was obvious that neither one of them has no idea what this weapon is. Such heavy snipergame the bosses have a reverent attitude as “wunderwaffe” and exaggerated attention to 12.7 mm to “show-off” is always very funny to see. So, Peter decided to shoot from the much-vaunted stem. Despite the abundance of “experts” in stripes, and the abundance of fashionably dressed guards, next to the President there was anyone who would have told him that a very important characteristic rifles of calibre 12.7 mm, which would have to tell him in the first place, is its powerful recoil! Unfortunately, the information the President received directly, empirically. After the shot. And received a strong blow in the eye, too close pressed to the optical scope!” – explains the journalist.

Fortunately, has done without serious consequences.

“It was like a light knockdown, but the eyes, as can be seen, survived, there was no blood. And then I thought that the President would be wrong. The President came pale, apparently after a sleepless night, and then the great face flushed. But to his credit, Poroshenko does not limp and not left, which is quite logical you would expect, and decided to take a punch. Generals like naughty kittens, once shamefully silent. And Poroshenko in spite of that, the approach to the media, not “leaked”. He was angry, he was hurt, but the stupid national guardsmen and stupid guards that are not in a position to tell the President the rules of handling weapons, he didn’t lecture, they all got away with it. I think he did not even realize that they, the whole crowd in uniform, were obliged to warn him before allowing him to make the shot. However, military and security guards with independent thinking President around is not tolerate, so to stop him and to tell him, of course, there was no one. At that moment I thought if he so organized his own safety, then what is there to demand in other areas… In this case, for the appointment of docile and unable to tell the President “stop” siloviki to positions of responsibility, Peter A. it is quite natural literally got it in the eye!” – writes Butusov.

That is why the President pulled the right eye cap. That intoxication was not, can be understood by the next video.

He also indicates that the network is constantly flashing a photo that supposedly is proof of intoxication, but in fact it is one of the fakes, invented by Russian propaganda.

Журналист рассказал о неприятном инциденте с Порошенко на полигоне